Make Your Job Easier Using Templates

Have you ever experienced how difficult it can be to keep a structured overview of your notes from a meeting?

Or even worse.. to find your notes from a meeting two months ago and try to figure out what it was actually about and what the most important subjects of the meeting was?

This is where templates come in play. But what is a template?

A template is basically a file or an illustration with a layout to let you fill out and structure information, e.g text.

An example of a template can be this template about actions (it is in Danish) where you have to write all the necessary actions you need to take to be able to reach a target.

Actions templates

A template normally refers to a subject or purpose. This could be a SWOT analysis in a company.  You can use the template to structure the single parts of the SWOT: strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

If the template is to be used during a seminar this structure will allow you to revisit it after some time and keep working on it or alternatively create a quick overview of the thoughts and notes that were made at that time.

Can you make your own template?

The quick answer is yes! It doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t need professionally made templates to be able to work with templates. Since a template basically is a structured layout, it just needs a bit of reflection from your part on the subject of matter.

And with our experience, it actually pays out to work with templates, even though they are not professionally made. They create an overview of notes and thought – even after weeks or months of not visiting it.

Create a visual identity

If you use professionally made templates, the template can also help create a visual identity on, for example, seminars or conferences. An illustrated template as the one above about actions, will work perfectly with a speed drawing film or a graphic recording. This way the template will not only work as a tool to structure your notes and thoughts but will also be part of the visual identity and create long lasting memories on the specific seminar or conference.